Recipes for Playful Memories

Running out of play ideas? These two recipes are sure to fill up your afternoon with sweet, sweet fun indoors and out!

A Picnic in the Backyard

A great way to spend a nice sunny day is to go outside and have a picnic. This simple recipe will help you prepare for a fabulous day!

• 1 doll
• A blanket or a large towel
• A basket or tote bag
• Fruits and snacks
• Water bottles
• One warm sunny day
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses or a hat

1. Cut up your favorite fruits into bite-sized pieces and put them in plastic bags or tupperware.
2. Place them in your basket or tote, along with any other food and drinks you and your child would like to bring.
3. Put on your sunscreen.
4. Find the nearest patch of grass. Be careful to watch out for anthills! Spread out your blanket and voila!
5. Enjoy a warm afternoon together!


A Reading Nook

This is a great recipe for a day indoors! Cozy and hidden under the blankets, your child and their doll will have an exciting time as they flip through pages and read their favorite books!

• 1 doll
• 2 to 3 blankets
• 2 to 3 pillows
• 2 chairs of approximately the same height
• Lots of books
• 1 flashlight



1. Set up two chairs of about the same height facing away from each other, spaced about 1 yard apart.
2. Drape a blanket over both chairs, so that it forms a small fort. If the blanket does not stay, place some books on the chair to weigh the blanket down.
3. Set some blankets and pillows down inside the nook to make the space warm and cozy.
4. Now your child can bring their doll and favorite books inside and start reading! If it’s too dark, bring a flashlight for extra fun!