Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact customer service?
You can reach us by phone at 833-623-2632 (833-MADAME A) or by email at Visit our Contact Us page to leave us a note.

Where can I purchase Madame Alexander dolls?
Check our Store Locator for a list of retailers in your state and online.

Do you have a catalog?
We do not sell our catalogs; however, they are available for free download here.

How can I receive more information on selling Madame Alexander dolls in my store?
We would love to help you! Please contact our sales team at, or call 833-623-2632 (833-MADAME A) for more information. Visit our For Retailers page to leave us a note.

Where are your dolls made?
Our dolls are designed in New York but are made at factories overseas that have been hand-picked for their ability to meet our high standards. Our production team works closely with our overseas manufacturers to ensure great quality and craftsmanship.

I purchased one of your items from another retailer. Can I return it to you?
Please contact the store from which you purchased the item. Returns or exchanges must be made according to that retailer’s return policy. We are not able to accept returns or exchanges on behalf of another retailer.

Do your dolls contain PVC or phthalate?
Our dolls meet or exceed the government and industry standards for phthalates.

Do you have any tips or tricks for cleaning dolls?
You can view all of our tips and tricks on our Doll Care page!

My doll’s hair needs restyling. How do I accomplish this?
You can view all of our hair care tips on our Doll Care page or consult one of our Doll Hospital partners for help.

My doll has an odor. How do I fix it?
Sometimes when dolls are removed from their packaging, their vinyl will produce a noticeable “new” smell, which is completely harmless. We recommend letting the doll “breathe” for a couple of days outside of the packaging, and the smell should disappear on its own.

Is your doll hospital open?
Our hospital is no longer open, but we encourage you to contact one of the doll hospitals on our list for doll repair services. For basic maintenance, please check out our Doll Care page.

How do I get in touch with the Madame Alexander Doll Club?
Members of the Madame Alexander Doll Club enjoy exclusive dolls, special events, The Review (a quarterly magazine), friendship and more. The club’s email address is and the telephone number is 1-877-691-6864. The website is here.

I am looking for a certain character doll but don’t see it on the website. Can you help?
Our website presents the most current collection of dolls. These and more are available through our Madame Alexander retailers, so we suggest contacting them via our Store Locator or searching online.

How much is my doll worth?
We do not provide doll valuations, so we suggest locating a doll appraiser in your area for information on your doll’s current value. You may also want to consider an internet search for more information on doll values. Online auction and antique sites are also a great resource!

Can you help me find/identify an older doll?
Unfortunately, we do not maintain inventory of older dolls. You may want to consider visiting one of our retailers or conducting an online search for the doll. You may also want to consider joining the Madame Alexander Doll Club, where you’ll meet lots of Madame Doll lovers with information to share!

Do you sell vintage doll clothes and accessories?
Unfortunately, we do not; however, we know most auction sites have vintage pieces available. You can also join the Madame Alexander Doll Club and become connected with a network of great doll collectors who have events, sales, and items to trade.

Do you buy dolls? Can you help me sell my doll?
Unfortunately, we do not purchase dolls or provide a marketplace for the sale of Madame Alexander dolls. Online auction and antique sites are a great resource!

I am a blogger and I am interested in reviewing your product. How can I contact you?
If you are interested in reviewing our product, please send an email to with information about your blog, channel or social feed, links, and a description of what you do. We consider each request individually and will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Are you able to assist with a donation?
We consider donations for registered nonprofit organizations on a case-by-case basis. We cannot guarantee all requests will receive donations. Please send an email to to submit your donation request.

If your question is not listed above, please visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with us.